A career at Sony Depthsensing Solutions

We’re unique. Sony Depthsensing Solutions has the assets and competencies of a world-leader with the attitude of a start-up.

If you think that you can fit right in, click through to our careers page. Because a career with Sony Depthsensing Solutions starts with ‘what if’…

How Depthsense™ works

Our technology enables devices to see and understand the world around them, integrating advanced imaging components and hardware with tried and tested middleware.

Transforming our world

We give machines the ability to map surroundings, objects and people, opening up a huge range of exciting opportunities.


User-centric solutions to improve smartphone life.



Safety, comfort and control on the road.



Agile automation, autonomous navigation.


Smart Living

Smarter environments for living and working.

Smart Living

Join us to pioneer the future with Depthsense™ technology

Do you aspire to work for the best? Would you like to contribute to technology solutions which contribute to the finest in automotive sensing applications, mobile devices and cutting-edge smart living solutions? Then you need to click the link below to open the world of new possibilities in engineering and solution-driven technologies.

What if you clicked?

Evolving mobility

Sony Depthsensing Solutions enhances personalization and security features while creating an immersive experience on the road with sensors that continually monitor the internal and external environment.

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News & Events

  • Discover our In-Car Sensing Experience!
  • Showcases at AutoSens 2020 – The Sensor and Perception Conference & Exhibition for the Automotive Industry
  • Autosens Detroit

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