Our colleagues had the chance to go to CES in Las Vegas in January 2022 to represent Sony Depthsensing Solutions at the Wideye® by AGC booth to inform visitors about the project and present the B-pillar application.


Wideye® is a dedicated entity of AGC Automotive Europe (one of the worldwide market leaders in automotive glass), totally focused on autonomous vehicle ecosystem, thanks to three value axes: supply of exclusive infrared transparent automotive glass for vision and non-vision glazing and LiDAR covers, tailor made design of parts for LiDAR integration, and LiDAR’s global integration with partners.

Windshield is location of choice for the integration of LiDAR and cameras because it allows greater protection of the sensors mounted behind the glass, better reliability using an existing cleaning system, and a commanding viewpoint because of its high and central position on the car. The positioning of these sensors behind the windshield ensures invisible integration with better aesthetics and reliability than exterior mounting which could become complex and costly.

Sensors can also be integrated at the side of the vehicle to detect obstacles such as into the B-pillar. This positioning permits uses such as parking space detection and external environmental mapping around the vehicle. Use cases for the B-pillar include face authentication to allow for personalized preferences, access to the car and theft prevention, as well as blind spot detection and all round viewing of the car exterior for obstacle collision prevention.

Wideye and Sony Depthsensing Solutions have collaborated to integrate ToF technology and created a demonstration for CES 2022 to show how to seamlessly integrate cameras as well as IR systems behind the glass for better design.


The demonstration focused on integrated solutions delivering automotive-quality, 360-degree sensors for ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Its purpose was to think and consider 1) more access control applications and 2) more parking applications and object avoidance when opening the door.

More information on our collaboration with Wideye check out our Linkedin page.