This year Sony Depthsensing Solutions showcased their latest automotive sensing developments at AutoSens. This show is an international conference and exhibition for engineers, scientists, academics and professionals shaping the future of vehicle perception technology.

AutoSens 2020 combines our Brussels and Detroit editions, online and interactive with a powerful digital event platform enabling learning, idea sharing, and discussion to continue. Expect high-quality technical content, paired with next-level networking opportunities and learning tools.

As well as hosting a booth dedicated to updating clients and collaborators with the new sensing capabilities, Sony Europe’s Yuichi Motohashi gave a keynote address. This presentation focused on key automotive sensing applications.

Motohashi-san, Technical Marketing Engineer, spoke about how the importance of the camera-based sensing system is increasing. For “Level 2+” application, the camera-based sensing system is already de-facto system configuration. The improvement of image sensor characteristics and functionality is strongly required as it could influence the total performance of the sensing system.

For Level 3 and above applications, it is generally considered that the combination of multiple sensor modalities is required to ensure the redundancy of the system.

In this presentation, the key characteristics of the image sensors to achieve a reliable and robust sensing system will be presented. Also, we will discuss the advanced 3D sensors, to be combined with 2D image sensors, and novel sensor fusion technology.

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