Job Description

Job Description

You will work in the Strategic Research Department, with the mission of proposing new sensing features and new sensing applications that are adopted by our customers. For these proposals, you need to properly substantiate them, obtaining evidence based on results which are reproducible and sustained by others, and you need to secure them with patent applications.

Therefore, you will have: to be up to date on the state-of-the-art; to work in theoretical demonstrations; to program simulators; to build electronics prototypes; to perform different types of measurements; to write high quality technical reports; to prepare presentations for different types of audiences to explain your findings; etc.

Continuous formation and training is a must, so you will have to attend conferences and events of interest for our industry, and also follow external/internal training. Of course, you will work in cooperation with your own team as well as other teams.


Core tasks:

Some examples of your day-to-day work:

  • Keeping yourself up to date
    • Reading relevant scientific literature and patents.
    • Attending presentations of others when related to your work.
    • Follow up on market products and competitors. This includes buying and testing devices.
  • Studying the impact of the different development parameters in the final output of the system.
    • Mathematical modelling (Statistics and Numerical)
    • Python programming.
    • Technical discussions where you have to solve the questions presented to you.
  • Hardware measurements in the lab and in realistic scenes.
    • Individual system components characterization to validate your models.
    • System characterization to validate our simulators.
    • Benchmarking against market product and against other inventions.
  • Construction of setups
    • Propose setup designs, order the material/HW needed, assemble it, calibrate it, etc.
      • Lasers of different power.
      • IC
      • Optics
      • Radar
      • Ultrasound
      • etc.
    • Benchmarking setups
    • Lab setup
  • Generating documentation
    • Documenting your steps and decisions
    • Creating technical reports
    • Creating presentations for different types of audiences
    • Preparing training documentation
  • Attending trainings and prepare trainings for others.
  • Preparing explanations of your inventions.
  • Helping SDS colleagues and customers when your skills are required.

We are looking for somebody with multiple skills: scientific mindset, DIY engineer, high quality drive, business-oriented thinking, consciously applying the priority of safety first, open to be challenged, a highly motivated person, etc.



  • You have a master’s degree or similar by experience. A relevant PhD is an asset.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • You are open to work in an R&D international environment.
  • You have experience in:
    • Sensor and/or imaging system design.
    • Understanding how the HW components and parameters impact the quality of the acquisition.
    • Understanding how the SW architecture and algorithms maximize application performance.
    • Python and other scientific computing languages.
    • Familiar with optics and photonics.
    • Image processing (2D, 3D, …) and Imaging systems.
    • Mathematics/Statistics proficiency.
    • Electronics (design understanding, components assembly and measurements).
  • Experience in the following domains is an asset :
    • Proven experience in electronic design
    • Proven experience in laser design
    • Experience in computer vision sciences.
    • Working in a semiconductor environment
    • Image sensors and electro-optical characterization
    • Eye safety evaluation tests
  • You are analytical and have a problem-solution approach.
  • You are eager to learn and to show your own initiative.
  • You enjoy challenges.
  • You are creative.


  • International – With more than 30 nationalities under the same roof, you will evolve in a very open-minded and multi-cultural environment with English as lingua franca.
  • Ideally situated – Located in the heart of the beautiful city of Brussels, our offices are easily accessible by public transport and surrounded by many restaurants and shops.
  • Dynamic environment – You will be part of a very dynamic and young team where your ideas are heard and where you will be able to make a difference.
  • Training – On top of a yearly budget allowing to take a training in any subject, regular internal presentations and workshops will keep you up-to-date with the latest technologies.
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