Job Description

Job Description

You provide correct financial reports by interacting with various internal stakeholders, and encoding this data in a timely manner.
You operate the financial and planning processes to achieve this.


Encode project data:

  • Obtain and review the resource & expense planning data.
  • Analyse and explain the discrepancies/variances/risks.
  • Follow the finance and planning process guidelines.

Collect and report financial data:

  • Encode accurate resource planning, in collaboration with HR Team.
  • Collect the financial planning data for reporting.
  • Timely prepare the monthly financial report and publish to stakeholders.

Communication, alignment and collaboration:

  • Secure correct & timely input from projects, and set up accordingly meetings with stakeholders.
  • Run the monthly closing process with support of the Finance Team.
  • Monitor and support the purchase orders.
  • Give guidance to the project leaders on the planned expenses, etc.


  • Minimum 3 years of experience in a similar position with a proven track record (exemplary reports).
  • A degree such as engineering, MBA, Business Engineering, first audit experience, .. is required.
  • Thorough IT skills on use of tools such as Excel, SQL, Power BI,  Sharepoint.
  • Basic understanding of the technology handled in Sony Depthsensing Solutions, is a plus.
  • Great cross-functional collaboration and relationship building skills.
  • Analytical skills to encode the data, including an interest for financial reports.
  • Ability to prioritize work having very strict deadlines on several competing complex tasks.
  • Used to quickly adapt to new situations and work autonomously with minimum guidance.
  • Very good knowledge of English is a prerequisite, including presentation skills.

This job will require regular presence at the office to discuss with various stakeholders.

We expect you to build a trust relationship with the stakeholders hence the project is foreseen on long-term (one year or more).


  • International – With more than 30 nationalities under the same roof, you will evolve in a very open-minded and multi-cultural environment with English as lingua franca.
  • Ideally situated – Located in the heart of the beautiful city of Brussels, our offices are easily accessible by public transport and surrounded by many restaurants and shops.
  • Dynamic environment – You will be part of a very dynamic and young team where your ideas are heard and where you will be able to make a difference
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