BC Explains: Gesture control

Gesture control can be found in the automotive industry today, more often than not within infotainment systems.

[...] Though the technology is capable of recognising movements from numerous parts of the human body, at present, vehicular gesture control systems are typically limited to hand signals. The Depthsense Carlib system, developed by Sony Depthsensing Solutions and found in the current BMW 5 and 7 Series, does exactly that. It can control elements such as the audio volume, the navigation system and incoming phone calls (you can answer or reject them) when the driver points, swipes or makes circular motions with their hands within the system's field of vision. Robert Vermeer, the company's senior product manager for automotive, explains how it works, "We're using an optical image sensor - actually a 3D sensor - to locate the position of a hand and a finger, and then we use computer vision processing to analyse the image and to classify certain gestures of the hand after the image has been accepted. In a nutshell, the user is able to get control of certain parts of the vehicle by using hand gestures. In our case, it's the infotainment control." [...]

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