SoftKinetic’s Gesture Control Technology Rolls Out in Additional Car Model

Hands-off Entertainment Controls Intended to Increase Driver Safety

SoftKinetic®, the world’s leading provider of 3D vision and gesture recognition solutions, today announced its 3D Time of Flight (ToF) vision technologies is included in the 2017 BMW 5 Series cars. SoftKinetic also powers infotainment gesture control in the BMW 7 Series luxury line. In recent months, automakers have been drawn toward 3D gesture recognition capabilities for the driver, and SoftKinetic’s technology has been used to give drivers the ability to navigate the in-vehicle infotainment system using simple, predetermined gestures that promote ease-of-use and safe driving mechanics.

“SoftKinetic is proud to expand our technology partnership with BMW Group to include both the BMW 7 and BMW 5 series cars,” said Eric Krzeslo, CMO of SoftKinetic. “The infotainment gesture control we see in the BMW cars is just the beginning of the innovation we are bringing to the automotive market. Our technology can improve driver safety through driver assistance and monitoring and 3D vision cameras that ascertain the environment in and out of the vehicle at all times paving the way towards the fully autonomous vehicle.”

In the past, other 3D technologies could not function well in various lighting conditions.  SoftKinetic’s sophisticated 3D sensor technology is the most robust in full sunlight as well as darkened conditions, offering reliable depth sensing and gesture recognition in all environments.