NEWS: SoftKinetic Joins The ClaXon Project To Improve Human-Robot Collaboration In Manufacturing

Partnership Sets Goal to Make Robotics More Accessible and Affordable

SoftKinetic is pleased to announce it has joined the ClaXon project, a research consortium created to bring together leading scientists and industrial partners to improve human-robot collaboration (HRC) in the manufacturing industry.

Traditional industrial robots are already well integrated into the production processes of major companies. Despite their ability to execute heavy-duty tasks and produce large volumes with high accuracy, they can pose a danger to the people around them. What’s more, for companies with alternating production processes, caged robots can be too expensive and lack flexibility.

The ClaXon project’s goal is to develop the necessary knowledge and expertise to improve interaction and collaboration between humans and co-working robots (cobots) in the manufacturing industry. Using SoftKinetic 3D sensors, cameras and software, ClaXon aims to optimize the interaction between cobots, products and humans.

“We are excited to join with the top scientists and technology companies in this space, finding real value for companies of all sizes to take advantage of SoftKinetic products for robotics in their manufacturing processes,” said Michel Tombroff, CEO of SoftKinetic. “As the only independent 3D vision technology company, SoftKinetic is an excellent fit to bring our sophisticated Time of Flight sensors, cameras and software to robotics solutions for the manufacturing industry.”

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