DepthSense Middleware

Our specialized libraries are available to all developers. Based on our pioneering hand, finger and full-body tracking technology, DepthSense® libraries have been specifically tuned to deliver fast low latency data transfer to create the best user experience on dedicated platforms.

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DepthSense® CARlib for Automotive


DepthSense® CARlib is the only middleware library certified for the automotive market. Designed for In-Vehicule Infotainment (IVI) control, CARlib is best used with SoftKinetic’s close interaction time-of-flight 3D depth-sensing camera module.

It delivers real time 3D distance data for close interaction, thus creating the scene data as the eye-safe infrared light illuminates it.

Working with our powerful DepthSense® CARlib gesture recognition middleware, it opens a new world of unique experiences and brings a feel of magic to the driving experience, whilst improving safety.




DepthSense® ICMlib for automotive


DepthSense® in-cabin monitoring library (ICMlib) does not only monitor the vehicle’s occupancy status, but it is also able to recognize human beings (versus objects) and tracks their movements - in particular head orientation and hand position. These features will be essential for the vehicle to assess that “the human driver will respond appropriately to a request to intervene” when automated driving systems are in place (as per SAE level 3 automation specifications).

DepthSense® ICMlib functionalities include:

  • Driver’s head tracking: Yaw / Pitch / Roll data
  • Driver’s hand tracking / position
  • What is on the seat: DepthSense® ICMlib will distinguish between human occupant and object in the front seats.



DepthSense® Htlib


DepthSense® HTlib, our multi-user full-body tracking middleware, is available to all PlayStation® (PS4™) developers.

HTlib enhances the quality of the depth map and stereoscopic features provided by the Playstation® Camera for PS4 and tracks up to 4 players. It has been developed with performance as the top priority. It’s specifically optimized for the PS4™ GPU, and memory resources.

DepthSense® HTlib delivers fast, low latency data transfer to create the best user experience on any console platform.