Smartphones that automatically unlock when they recognize their owner. Gaming systems with real, realistic virtual reality components. Crash-proof drones that avoid obstacles such as wires or trees and land on a surface they selected as safe. Robots that understand their environment and interpret their operator’s body language or gestures. This is not science fiction. These are just a few of the many different applications that our Customers are building with our sensor products. And this job opening is your opportunity to help them making it happen!


You will be involved in our projects focusing on designing new electronic products, in particular state-of-the-art pioneering real-time CMOS 3D depth sensor systems. Your focus will be on the design and verification of advanced digital circuits for digital and mixed-signal ASICs. This in an environment where all specialists of the entire chain of the system (analog and digital IC design and verification, IC validation, camera module system design and verification, driver development, middle ware development) are a few footsteps away. This local full system coverage is clearly one of the main assets of Sony Depthsensing Solutions, and something that we want to build further upon.

We offer you the opportunity to gain multidisciplinary experience with advanced mixed-signal, digital and system design. We provide in-house training and give you opportunities to follow courses relevant for the job description.

This involves front-end design, verification and testing of new and existing functions for image sensing and image processing ASICs. Some of the functional blocks might first be developed as functional IP blocks on FPGA based platforms to enable system verification prior to ASIC implementation.

  • Defining digital architecture.
  • Being able to drive a robust and efficient design methodology.
  • Digital Design, verification & testing of digital IP related to Image Sensors and Image processing.
  • System analysis in order to improve the overall system performance.
  • Verification of sensor functionality and performance on actual silicon/development board.
  • Follow-up and involvement of probe and final test development.
  • Speeding up the time-to-market for sensor products with teams in Europe, USA & Asia.



  • We are looking for a strongly motivated and experienced professional, meeting the following requirements:
  • You have a strong working knowledge of English, knowledge of Japanese is a strong added value.
  • A master’s Degree is required.
  • You have minimum 3-5 years’ experience in micro- electronics or related industries.
  • You have previously proven experience in digital design and verification, mixed-signal experience is an added value.
  • Experience in System-on-Chip architecture is a strong asset
  • Experience with DSP-based architectures is an asset
  • You are familiar with digital verification flow. Knowledge of UVM methodology is an asset.
  • Experience with formal verification is an asset
  • Experience with digital top level design is an asset.
  • You are familiar with at least one of the most popular logic simulators: ModelSim/QuestaSim, vcs, ncsim.
  • Knowledge of the following EDA tools is a plus: Synopsys DC, Tetramax, Formality, PrimeTime, SpyGlass.
  • Good knowledge of VHDL/Verilog is required.
  • You have knowledge in FPGA and ASIC design.
  • Knowledge of technical computing software Matlab is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of SystemVerilog is a strong advantage. SystemC is an added value.
  • Familiar with Python programming language is a plus.
  • You are able to look beyond the current block to design and take the full system performance into account.
  • Team spirit and social skills are recommended since you will be working in design teams to successfully complete challenging IC and sensor system design projects.
  • An analytical mind and strong commitment to quality is necessary. You are able to work autonomously and give initiatives.
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