Job Description

The candidate will be in charge to manage the IT infrastructure that's needed to support software development.

  • You will build and maintain critical infrastructures that support the software/application development.
  • You have the discretion to make key decisions without much oversight inclusive of decisions on automation processes, tools, and resources for building software as promptly and efficiently as possible.
  • You will be responsible to change and improve development processes to solve organizational problems.
  • You are a high-quality coder and, as such, you authors tools that improve developer capacity and productivity.
  • You are further tasked with designing and developing the development infrastructure as well as developing automated scripts meant for building development and production environments. You enables the support of continuous integration techniques for the development teams.


  • You take ownership of the performance and reliability of the services that the developers depend on.
  • You check and monitor alarms, diagnoses symptoms, analyses root causes, and employs preventative measures to avoid re-occurrence of similar issues.
  • You understand provisioning and planning requirements, and work to ensure that services are deployed in a scalable architecture.
  • You maintain the software configuration tools in order to easily scale the development infrastructure.
  • You work hand-in-hand with the development teams and IT team, in creating solutions for the purpose of building and monitoring software development.
  • You keep up with industry best practices and standards, and identifies automation opportunities, designs and develops automation solutions that improve operations and efficiency.




  • You have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent of the same in working experience.
  • You are highly familiar with technology, and good computer skills on both Linux and Windows platforms.
  • You have experience as a support personnel for a development team in a continuous Agile development and integration processes.
  • You have knowledge of software management tools: Jira, Crucible, Confluence.
  • You know continuous Integration tools: Jenkins, BuildBot, Travis
  • You have knowledge in Python, C++
  • You have knowledge in Visual Studio, PyCharm, make, cmake, gcc
  • You have knowledge in testing: unit, functional, API, GUI
  • You have knowledge in Static code analysis tools: Lint, Coverity or Fortify.
  • You have knowledge in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Samba, HTTP, FTP, SSH SaltStack
  • You have knowledge in SVN, Git, Mercurial, RhodeCode, GitHub, GitFlow


  • You have exceptional communication skills, both in written and in verbal form.
  • You are result-oriented
  • You are passionate in the improvement of user experience
  • You are a critical thinker
  • You are a Team-player
  • You are able to multi-task, work comfortably in constantly evolving environment, and demonstrate calmness and composure
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